The Olive Harvest in Crete is part of Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Winter Activities
Organic tomatoes are abundant in late summer and always a part of our healthy cooking and organic gardening program
Elounda, Canal, Ancient Sunken City of Olous, Mirabello Bay
Crete, Celebrating the Spring Festival (May First)
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A Window into Ancient Crete  

The Minoan Civilization thrived on the isle of Crete and surrounding areas, now known as
modern Greece, from about 2800 to 1000 B.C. We’ll visit historic sites to discover the
Minoan’s zest for life, the arts and fine cuisine. We'll explore villages that have been
inhabited for over 4000 years.

Preserving Tradition and the Environment -- Sustainable Living

Minoans worshiped Gaia, Mother Earth.  They adopted stringent laws to protect nature and
food sources in the hopes that she would reward them with ideal weather for bountiful
harvests.  Respecting natural resources is still inherent in rural life.  We will meet organic
farmers, artisan food producers, fishermen and chefs who will share their expertise in
producing the primary ingredients of the Cretan diet. Fresh seafood, wild and cultivated
vegetables, fruits and herbs, legumes, olive oil, cheese, wine, breads, escargot, and phyllo
dough pastries are part of seasonal surprises.  

Nature and Botany

mountains offer spectacular views and important information.  During certain seminars, we’ll
take botanical hikes to enjoy the unique flora and discover the vast array of wild plants
used in ancient and modern medicine and cuisine.  Exploring the countryside on foot is a
great way to experience Crete, not to mention good exercise.

Cultural Immersion:  Experiencing the Pace of Rural Life

We'll spend time in rural communities with people working on a wide range of action
programs to maintain their traditional trades.  
This experience can be applied wherever we
live, to help enhance our quality of life and provide insight into sustainable living practices.  
Socializing and savoring the sights, sounds, scents of Crete is a key component to the so-
called Mediterranean Diet concept. Maintaining traditions that also protect our safe food
sources and environment is more clearly obvious today.  Participating in educational travel
programs that protect and celebrate cultural and natural heritage can be a wonderful
experience with good company and cuisine.
Educational Program Outline

Each season in Crete holds something new.  Review our Schedule and Seasonal Activities
to determine which seminar is best for your research and interests